Osaka in Kimono Osaka Castle in Kimono

Osaka Castle is one of Japan's three major castles. Osaka Castle was built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a Sengoku period military commander who is one of the most well-known and popular characters in Japanese history. It takes about 15 minutes by taxi from KAWAII OSAKA to get to the castle and there are many places to take photos where the castle is in the background.

in Kimono

When you think of Osaka, you think of Dotonbori. Located in Dotonbori is the famous Glico signboard where everyone stops to take a picture because of how iconic it is. In Dotonbori at night, you can take very stylish photos in kimono with the dazzling neon lights in the background and it is only a 5 minute walk from KAWAII OSAKA. Our location if perfect for a short night plan.

MORE Teaceremony Experience

Step into the charm of Japanese tradition as you put on a beautiful kimono and immerse yourself in the serene world of tea ceremony. Our friendly tea ceremony instructors will share insights into Japan's rich cultural heritage, making it a memorable experience for you.

ask Rickshaw Sightseeing Plan

How about a special experience wearing a kimono and touring on a rickshaw? You can spend a special moment touring around Osaka's famous and historic spots. It is also a great way to take commemorative photos. Try our rickshaw plan and enjoy the charms of Osaka to the fullest!




It is a traditional garment worn in Japan since ancient times.Wearing a kimono gives you a Japanese feel and makes you feel special.



Furisode is a formal attire for unmarried women and is worn at coming-of-age ceremonies and weddings.



Hair Set

We will suggest a hairstyle that matches the look/feel of the kimono.



A Photographer will take pictures of you in kimono.




Kimono/Yukata Sales

We sell a wide variety of products, from new products to high-quality vintage products.

Souvenir Sales

There are many Japanese souvenirs that are carefully made in Japan.


STORE NAME Kawaii Osaka Kimono Rental & Sales PHONE NUMBER 06-6732-8070 BUSINESS HOURS 10:00~22:00 BUSINESS DAY Monday to Sunday
(Closed during the year-end and New Year holidays)
ADDRESS 1-9 Soemoncho, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture MORE


Is it necessary to make a reservation in advance? Can I make a same-day reservation?
Although you can use the service without a reservation or make a reservation on the day, we recommend making a reservation in advance.
It is expected to be crowded, especially during holidays and tourist seasons, so please make a reservation in advance for a smoother experience.
Can I cancel or change my reservation?
Yes, you can cancel or change your reservation, but cancellation fees may apply.
Please contact our store for details.
Are there any additional charges if the return is delayed?
Yes, additional fees will be charged if the return is delayed. Please check the store for details.
Will there be a cancellation fee?
Cancellations made up to 1 day before the reservation date are free of charge. Cancellations made after that time will incur a fee.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept cash or credit cards (VISA / Master / JCB / AMEX / Diners).
When wearing a kimono or yukata, what clothes do I need to wear underneath and what do I need to bring?
Please bring light underwear and socks.
Especially in the summer, you tend to sweat a lot, so we recommend wearing underwear with good sweat absorption properties.
You can wake up empty-handed with your belongings.
Do you have kimono/yukata in larger sizes or for children?
Yes, we have a variety of sizes available, so don't worry.
Can you help me get dressed?
Yes, our professional staff will carefully dress you.
Can I leave my luggage at the store?
Yes, you can leave your luggage other than valuables at the store.
Is there support in English or other languages?
Yes, we offer support in multiple languages including English.
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